30781753 - Star TSP743

30781753 - Star TSP743

    Part# 30781753

    Power Supply (Replacement power supply for Star TSP743 with AC Cord. Used to be referred to as Part# PS60A-24A.)

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30781753 Product Description

Watch out for the fastest POS Printer in its class, the Star TSP743 - Part# 30781753 printer. Which is the premiere direct thermal printer of the Star line-up.

An incredible print speed of 180mm per second and its unique Raster Graphics Driver results in a superfast throughput, so it is the perfect thermal printer for time critical, high volume applications.

As well as being the fastest POS printer on the block, it's also very versatile and doubles up as a barcode, label and ticket printer. With an optional splash proof cover, two colour printing and a “drop-in and print” facility, the TSP743 - Part# 30781753 printer is the ideal printer for hospitality applications, when you are really looking for speeding up service and the throughput of your customers.

So if you want a versatile and reliable POS printer that can print tickets, labels, barcodes and receipts, don't get caught without the TSP700. The Star TSP743 - Part# 30781753 handles the standard 80 mm wide direct thermal media, but also has the ability to handle wider 82.5 mm paper and narrower 58 mm papers without the need for added accessories.

30781753 Specifications

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