25-70103-03R - Motorola MC3190-S

25-70103-03R - Motorola MC3190-S

    Part# 25-70103-03R

    Charging Cable Only (Charging Cable Assebly - Power Only for the MC3100.)

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25-70103-03R Product Description

Building on the successful MC3000 mobile computer, the rugged wireless Motorola MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R Series brings cost-effective anytime mobility to keybased applications within the four walls - in the retail store and warehouse aisles, on the loading dock and out in the yard.

Leveraging Motorola's new Mobility Platform Architecture 2.0, the MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R offers advanced computing power, industry-leading data capture capabilities and superior ergonomics. In addition to the processing power and memory required to support advanced applications, the MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R also offers the latest in mobile technology and security. An integrated RFID tag automates asset tracking, allowing enterprises to track and locate MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R devices right out the box.

Motorola's Interactive Sensor Technology (IST) provides an integrated accelerometer that enables leading edge motion-based applications that improve power management and more. Robust security features include FIPS 140-2 certification, protecting the most sensitive data. Compatibility with the existing MC3000 accessories ecosystem enables organizations to upgrade to the latest in technology, while preserving the existing accessory investment.

The Motorola MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R is purpose-built for demanding environments within the enterprise walls. The superior rugged specifications dramatically reduce repair and downtime, delivering an exceptional return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO). Designed to easily handle the inevitable everyday drops and bumps, the MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R passes Motorola's stringent mechanical design tests for both stress and endurance. The device survives multiple 4 ft./1.2m drops across the entire operating temperature range and continues to deliver dependable performance, even after 500 consecutive 1.64 ft./0.5m tumbles (1,000 hits). IP54 sealing ensures reliable operation in dusty environments - as well as the ability to endure exposure to liquids and wipe downs.

No matter what type of data you need to capture, you can count on superior performance. Choose from the Symbol SE950 1D laser scanner or the Symbol SE4500 1D/2D imager. The SE950 enables rapid and accurate capture of all 1D symbologies - including damaged and poor quality bar codes often found in the warehouse or retail aisles. And the patented Liquid Polymer scan element eliminates friction and wear for superior durability and reliability. If your business data is more diverse, the SE4500 imager enables the capture of 1D and 2D bar codes as well as direct part marks, still images and documents. While typical imagers provide the flexibility to capture both 1D and 2D bar codes at the cost of 1D bar code performance, the revolutionary SE4500 redefines imaging technology, offering laser-like performance on 1D barcodes - and equally stunning performance on 2D bar codes.

Another unique feature of the Motorola MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R is the integrated UHF RFID tag, allowing enterprises to more fully leverage existing or planned RFID deployments. The integrated RFID tag enables businesses to automatically track the movement and location of their mobile computers. Maintaining a real-time inventory of your MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R mobile computers is literally effortless - and misplaced devices can be located quickly and easily.

Six different models of the Motorola MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R are available, allowing you to mix and match devices to best meet the needs of your users and your applications. First, choose the form factor that is best for your application: straight-shooter, gun or turret.
- The straight-shooter is ideal for standard scanning applications.
- The gun provides all day comfort for scan intensive activities.
- The turret provides the flexibility to adjust the scanning position, improving user comfort.

All three models offer a choice of operating systems. Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.X Classic provides users with a familiar and intuitive interface that significantly reduces training time, while Windows CE 6.0 Pro provides a robust programming environment to support the development of rich custom applications.

The industry standard MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R Series easily integrates with your existing technology environment - including your wireless LAN (WLAN). Since the MC3000 and the MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R as well as many other Motorola mobile computers share a common architectural platform, porting existing applications from other Motorola mobile computers to the MC3190-S - Part# 25-70103-03R is fast and easy.

Additionally, Motorola's robust award-winning partner channel provides access to a world of well tested best-in-class line of business applications. The result is a substantial reduction in application development time and costs, enabling rapid deployment, improving the return on investment for existing applications and providing a cost-effective path to upgrade to the latest mobile computing technology - with minimal business disruption.

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