1M3000R1BC - PioneerPOS TOM-M5 15 Inch

1M3000R1BC - PioneerPOS TOM-M5 15 Inch

    Part# 1M3000R1BC

    Touch Monitor (USB & 4-Port USB Hub Connection Interface with Resistive Touch Technology. 15" LCD Touch Screen including Magnetic Stripe Reader, Fingerprint Reader & Rear Customer Display and Power Supply.) - Color: Dark Gray.



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1M3000R1BC Product Description

The PioneerPOS TOM-M5 15 Inch - Part# 1M3000R1BC is more than a touchmonitor. Designed specifically for touch applications, the TOM-M5 15 Inch - Part# 1M3000R1BC sits on a sturdy base and is sealed against spills. It aslo allows additional devices to be integrated neatly, without extra cables or power supplies. Add-on devices available are magnetic card reader, barcode slot reader, fingerprint reader, and rear customer display.

The TOM-M5 15 Inch - Part# 1M3000R1BC offers different touch technologies to fit into your application and budget requirements. Choose Resistive, Intellitouch, or Infra Red touch technologies. With its built-in 4 USB ports, you can now easily connect keyboard, barcode scanner, and printer to TOM-M5 15 Inch - Part# 1M3000R1BC, instead of reaching under or behind the counter for the PC ports.

The TOM-M5 15 Inch - Part# 1M3000R1BC is ideal for point-of-sales, kiosks, industrial control, gaming, healthcare. With its multiple benefits and competitive prices, the PioneerPOS TOM-M5 15 Inch - Part# 1M3000R1BC gives you more value than other touchmonitors.

1M3000R1BC Specifications

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  • Touchscreen USB: Resistive, Infra Red, or Intellitouch SAW Display 15" LCD, Active matrix TFT Resolutions 1024x768 (optimal), 800x600, 640x480 Colors 16.2 millions LCD Brightness 250 NIT Input video signal Analog VGA DB15, or DVI Driver Support Windows XP, WePOS, Vista, CE.NET, Linux Viewing Angle Left 70o /Right 70o, Up 60o/ Down 65o Operating Temperature 0o C to 40o C Operating Humidity 20% to 80% Backlight Life 30,000 hours (min) to half brightness Menu Buttons (OSD) On the side, lock-able Bezel Color Dark grey Dimensions Width: 14.63" (380mm)
    Height: 14" (364mm)
    Depth: 9" (234mm) Weight 15 lbs / 6.9 kgs (9 lbs / 4.1 kgs without base) Mounting Options Wall or Pole mount, VESA 75mm Security Lock Bolted (4mm screw), or Kensington MicroSaver Ports/Connectors 1 x 15-Pin VGA 1 x DVI
    4 x USB 2.0 1 x DC Out +12V
    1 x Audio Out (optional) Warranty (Monitor) 1 year Power Supply External, AC 100-240V, DC Out +12V, 5A Agency Approvals FCC A, CE, UL Manufacturer's Part No.. 1M3000R1B1 (Resistive)
    1M3000U1B1 (Infra Red)
    1M3000S1B1 (Intellitouch SAW) Add-ons Internal speakers, 2 watts/channel
    Magnetic stripe reader (MSR), USB
    Fingerprint reader, USB
    Rear customer display, Serial