069032S-001 - Intermec EasyCoder 3600

069032S-001 - Intermec EasyCoder 3600

    Part# 069032S-001

    Printhead (replacement printhead for Intermec EasyCoder 3600 printers.)



    - All Products Are Brand New & Factory Sealed -

069032S-001 Product Description

Intermec's EasyCoder 3600 - Part# 069032S-001 is a versatile industrial strength printer based on the legendary 3400, intended for users that require 6" wide labels or tags. The EasyCoder 3600 - Part# 069032S-001 is ideal for wide-format compliance shipping and container labels, such as ODETTE. Printing large text for applications requiring maximum readability such as chemical drum or pallet labeling is easy using the large outline font included on the EasyCoder 3600 - Part# 069032S-001.

The Intermec EasyCoder 3600 - Part# 069032S-001 printer features label self-strip as standard. The self-strip feature peels the label away from the liner and presents the label to the operator for easier and faster demand labeling.

A serial communications interface is standard on the 3600, with Centronics Parallel, IBM Coax™, Twinax™, and internal EasyLAN™ Ethernet network interface connections as optional. The internal Ethernet adapter provides high throughput and network management without the complexity, space requirements and fragility of external print servers.

Intermec's LabelShop START design and print software and InterDriver™ Windows printer drivers are included, free of charge, with every EasyCoder 3600 - Part# 069032S-001 printer.

069032S-001 Specifications

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