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Over the past several years, GVISION has made great strides within this market. Our R&D team is heavily involved and we have positioned ourselves within the POS market as one of the most prestigious and professional manufacturers of LCD displays and touch screen solutions in this dynamic vertical.

The GVISION POS product line features a wealth of touch screens and is specially engineered for integration into all-in-one systems and customized display solutions. Newly launched products are targeted at the retail system marketplace. New innovations are designed for the application of customer ordering, payments and store inventory management, as well as for food & beverage/restaurant service.

GVISION meets your specific engineering and technology needs with a myriad of features and value added functionality. Our LCD displays will allow you to differentiate your POS product from the competition and excite your clients with a variety of touch screen technologies, wide-angle tilt adjustments, magnetic stripe reader integration, built-in power solutions and environmental resistant IP standards. Size varies from 10.4 to 19 and are available in different colors, housing designs, stand options and mounting alternatives.

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