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StarStar Micronics offers a full line of thermal and dot matrix, receipt, label and bar code printers that service an array of applications including POS (Point of Sale), retail, kiosks, restaurants, hospitality, gaming/ticketing and more.

Star's complete product line includes:

Top Selling Models

Star TSP100

Star TSP650II BTi

Star TSP700II

Star SM-S220i

All Star Micronics Products

Star SMD2-1214

Star SMD2-1317

Star SMD2-1617

Star TSP800II

Star TSP100

Star TSP100GT

Star TSP100ECO

Star TSP143LAN For SalesVu

Star TSP143LAN For Square

Star TSP600II Series

Star TSP651

Star TSP654

Star TSP654 with Ethernet Interface for SalesVu

Star TSP654 with Ethernet Interface for Square

Star TSP654SK

Star TSP650II BTi

Star TSP700II Series

Star TSP743II

Star TSP800Rx Series

Star TSP828

Star TSP700 Series

Star TSP743

Star TSP800 Series

Star TSP847

Star SP500 Series

Star SP512

Star SP512 With Rewinder

Star SP542

Star SP542 With Rewinder

Star SP700

Star FVP-10

Star SP742ML Ethernet

Star HSP7543

Star SP742ML Ethernet For Square

Star HSP7643

Star HSP7743

Star SM-S220i

Star SM-T300i

Star SM-T400i

Star SM-S200

Star SM-T300

Star SM-S400

Star TSP600 Series

Star TSP613

Star TSP643

Star TSP1000 Series

Star TSP1043

Star TSP200 Series

Star TSP212

Star TSP242

Star TSP400 Series

Star TSP412

Star TSP442

Star SP200 Series

Star SP212

Star SP216

Star SP242

Star SP246

Star SP300 Series

Star SP312

Star SP317

Star SP321

Star SP322

Star SP342

Star SP347

Star SP2000 Series

Star SP2320

Star SP2360

Star SP2520

Star SP2560

Star SCP700

Star TSP2000 Series

Star DP8340

Star SP298
  • Further information regarding Star, its products, warranties, etc. can be found on the Star web site.
  • Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us toll-free: 800-731-7440 if you are unable to locate the Star models you are looking for or if you have a question.


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