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CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 - Code Reader 3500 Search Results

Code CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1
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CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 - Code Reader 3500
 Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 - Code Scanner (FIPS & Hand Held Ready-to-Go Kit. CR3500 Imager with FIPS Certification, Hand Held Form Factor, Single-Bay Charger, M2 Modem, 6 ft. USB Cable, 1950 mAH Li-Ion Battery & US Power Supply included.)
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  • Model: Code Reader 3500
  • Manufacturer: Code
  • Manufacturer Sub-Category: Code Bar Code Scanners
  • Category: Bar Code Scanners
    $ 1,020.00 Qty:

     CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 - Code Reader 3500 Product Description
    The Code Reader 3500 - Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 extends mobile all-symbology bar code reading to include information display and keyboard entry, making it an ideal bar code reading solution that can be deployed in both low and high-volume use-case scenarios. The Code Reader 3500 - Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 decodes bar codes faster and offers features not found in other readers, including new automatic glare reducing illumination technology. The result is unequaled performance, even on difficult reading surfaces, including circuit boards, IV bags, patient-wristbands, driver licenses and other shiny or curved surfaces.

    Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Code Reader 3500 - Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1:

  • Dual field optics, both high density and wide field in the same unit.
  • Glare reduction technology.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, fully-mobile modular design (hand held, handle, presentation stand).
  • Rapid battery replacement, multiple battery formats and charging options.
  • User feedback with vibration and/or audible tones.
  • Unequaled performance on rounded, curved, and shiny surfaces.
  • Over 10 MB of batch data and JavaScript memory.
  • Reads all linear stacked and 2D matrix symbologies.
  • Withstands multiple drops to concrete from 6 feet.
  • High speed digital image capture.
  • Powerful data management capability via JavaScript.
  • Firmware is field upgradeable.
  • Multicolor LEDs with optimal focus and FOV indicator.
  • The Code Reader 3500 - Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 also offers the next generation in dual-field optics and is the only bar code reader that can read both wide linear and the smallest of 2D bar codes. With OCR enabled, the wide-field of the Code Reader 3500 - Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 can read the MRZ on passports. The optimal focus and field of view indicator of the Code Reader 3500 - Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 make bar code reading even easier than before. Built on an open JavaScript platform, the Code Reader 3500 - Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 can be easily customized to meet the needs of any end-user application. The Code Reader 3500 - Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 will excel in batch, cabled or Bluetooth wireless modes, and all scanned data configuration settings and JavaScript files are stored in non-volatile flash memory and are maintained in the event of a power loss.

    Enabled for both in-stand and out-of-stand operation the Code Reader 3500 - Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 can be used as a wireless hand-held and fixed presentation reader. This lightweight, comfortable and easy to use bar code reader solution can be further accessorized to fit the needs of applications in the healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, aerospace, industrial automotive and defense environment. With its modular design and JavaScript platform, the Code Reader 3500 - Part# CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 is future-proof and the most cost-effective reader available.

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     CR3512G-PK1-FIPS-F1 - Code Reader 3500 Specifications
  • Click the following link to view the Code Reader 3500 Specifications

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