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BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 - Motorola MC55A0-HC Search Results

Motorola BTRY-MC55EAB00-50    Motorola Authorized Partner
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BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 - Motorola MC55A0-HC
 Part# BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 - Motorola Standard Battery - 50 Pack (2400 mAh, Standard Capacity Battery for the MC55A0-HC - Package of 50 Batteries.)
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  • Model: Motorola MC55A0-HC
  • Manufacturer: Motorola
  • Manufacturer Sub-Category: Motorola Mobile Computers
  • Category: Mobile Computers
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     BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 - Motorola MC55A0-HC Product Description
    With the Motorola MC55A0-HC - Part# BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 Series, managers and task workers who spend their days inside your company walls have everything they need to take instant action, anywhere in your facility - indoors and outside. When it comes to meeting the needs of your workforce, the MC55A0-HC - Part# BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 excels, offering the right level of features, the right level of rugged design and support for the most demanding business applications. The result: Workers in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and government agencies can complete more tasks more accurately in less time, improving productivity and customer care.

    And with healthcare friendly colors, MC55A0-HC - Part# BTRY-MC55EAB00-50-HC brings mobility to point-of-care applications, helping nurses and other caregivers eliminate errors at the patient bedside to improve the quality of care - and the patient experience.

    The Motorola MC55A0-HC - Part# BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 Series is the perfect blend of form and function. The comprehensive capabilities allow workers to scan bar codes; snap pictures; view videos; access business applications, the internet and email as well as make and receive private and push-to-talk voice calls. The compact and lightweight mobile computer is easy to carry and easy to use, with a sleek design that is equally at home in front of customers and

    The Symbol MC55A0-HC - Part# BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 Series is built to last, giving workers a device they can count on and businesses a maximum return on investment. This rugged device family is built for use inside your buildings as well as outdoor areas of your facilities - and our toughness tests prove it. The MC55A0-HC - Part# BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 delivers outstanding performance, even after exposure to heat, cold, dust, water - and 1,000 consecutive tumbles in our rotating tumble drum.

    Four scanner options let you pick the MC55A0-HC - Part# BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 model that will deliver the best performance for your organization.

  • Our Se960 1D laser scan engine provides best-in-class performance for 1D bar codes, including near contact to medium range decoding of even the widest bar code.
  • The three variants of our revolutionary Se4500 2D imager deliver true laser-like performance and omnidirectional scanning of both 1D and 2D bar codes.
  • The Se4500-Sr offers the best range on medium and low density 1D and 2D bar codes.
  • The Se4500-DL is optimized for medium to high density bar codes in addition to the bar codes found on driver's licenses and other identification documents - ideal for border crossings as well as the healthcare and electronics industry.
  • Our DPM option, the Se4500-HD, is tailored for very high density bar codes as well as virtually any direct part mark (DPM) - including dot peen, laser etch, ink mark, chemical etch, inkjet mold, cast and thermal spray - enabling automotive and aeronautics manufacturers to easily track and trace every part to improve safety and comply with government regulations.
  • If you need to capture photos, videos, or documents in addition to bar codes, no problem - just add our high-resolution 3.2 MP autofocus color camera.
  • All models of the Mortorola MC55A0-HC - Part# BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 can be sanitized with many common cleaners without harming the housing or the sensitive electronics, helping prevent the spread of bacteria to patients and caregivers in a hospital as well as shift workers in other industries where devices are shared.

    Give your workers the best in class mobile application performance, even for the most demanding multimedia applications. Packed with the latest in technology, the Motorola MC55A0-HC - Part# BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 includes our powerful platform offers the most current mobile operating system for the enterprise, as well as the fastest processor and largest memory footprint in this device class.

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     BTRY-MC55EAB00-50 - Motorola MC55A0-HC Specifications
  • Click the following link to view the Motorola MC55A0-HC Specifications

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