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Loftware 030756NT-BU
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030756NT-BU - Loftware Print Server
 Part# 030756NT-BU - Loftware Software Back-Up (LPS Standard Edition Back-Up. Requires Additional Printer Seat License - Part# 030756NT-AC.)
  • Model: Loftware Print Server
  • Manufacturer: Loftware
  • Manufacturer Sub-Category: Loftware Bar Code Label Software
  • Category: Bar Code Label Software
     030756NT-BU - Loftware Print Server Product Description
    The Loftware Print Server - Part# 030756NT-BU (LPS) is an enterprise solution for corporations that have significant product marking requirements for both barcode and RFID smart labels. It is designed to act as a middleware component between medium to large-scale business systems and marking devices such as barcode and RFID label printers.

    The Loftware Print Server - Part# 030756NT-BU forms the basis of Loftware Server-Centric approach to marking systems, whereby all product marking in an area, building, or enterprise is controlled from a centralized server on the network. The Loftware Print Server - Part# 030756NT-BU highly scalable and fault tolerant system architecture is designed to handle thousands of requests targeted to hundreds of printers simultaneously.

    The Loftware Print Server - Part# 030756NT-BU can print labels and RFID smart tags generated by any of your business-critical applications such ERP/MRP and/or WMS systems. The Loftware Print Server - Part# 030756NT-BU includes interfaces that allow it to work with applications that are hosted on diverse operating systems including UNIX (e.g., Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, etc.), the Microsoft Windows Server System line of business server products, and many more. These host applications offload barcode label and RFID tagging to the Loftware Print Server - Part# 030756NT-BU which translates the request into device specific code before sending it to the printers. Application programmers no longer have to write and maintain device specific code every time a labeling requirement changes.

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     030756NT-BU - Loftware Print Server Specifications

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